Podcasts by Empowered Women

In this world where women empowerment is very much celebrated is very much appreciated in all and many ways, this also makes sense when podcasts are talked about. Women love supporting other women, women loves to support products and services that are also made by women and it is just right and just for them to do so.

Although there are now many and available podcast channels that everyone can come across with, a lot of women would want those podcasts that are also made by women in order to show their support and love. Another reason for women wanting podcasts made by women is that they will be able to relate and to empathize with what they are saying and sharing as their content on their podcasts.

Some women out there who are first timers in making podcasts might still be lost in this podcasting world so it is proper to help them in any way possible. To lend a helping hand, a list of top podcasts for women all over the world are displayed below for other women enjoy whenever they would want to listen to empower and to encourage themselves.


Amy and Rebecca stars as the host for this podcasts; both are very empowered women who constantly talks about the United States of America and how it is constantly changing each and every day with new things up on its sleeves. This podcast is very fun to hear because they are very good in pulling people to speak in their channel and share their awesome stories. Not only that but also it is worth mentioning that these women are very intelligent and hearing them share their thoughts are just enlightening and every woman would be very enticed to hear them and their topics.

If you are one of those individuals who likes to listen to different people for their podcasts, this channel is definitely for you because you will be able to hear different stories from many people; not just women but also men.


This channel can be listened if you have an account at Acast, Stitcher, Soundcloud or iTunes. You can easily find this channel which is awesome because it only means that many women all over the universe can listen to this podcast. All the speakers in this podcast are women and are all very good at discussing sensitive issues about culture and race.


Krista is the host of this show. The good thing about this is the speaker of this podcast is a very well-known woman who is not just a speaker in a podcast but she is also an author and an awardee of President Obama for her job relating to humanities. It is amazing that you hear wonderful content from a very empowered and strong woman.

If you are interested in listening to these amazing podcasts by women, now is the perfect time to do. You can easily listen to their podcasts because all of these channels are available almost everywhere.